We are dedicated to the
Tricking Athlete

we help passionate tricking athletes push themselves to the next level.


Tricking calls for intense focus, dedication and resilience.

Many who practice Tricking find that the desire to become better than they were yesterday – their “inner fire” – begins to grow and manifest itself into other aspects of their lives. They become increasingly aware that with a strong will, thoughts become actions and actions become reality. In such a world, anything is possible. Promoting this philosophy is at the heart of what we aim to accomplish.

We enjoy the process

we are creatives from all walks of life who have come together to push ourselves and our community forward. 

est. 2015

Trickstrong began as neil toussaint’s passion project while he was still in physical therapy school in new york.

He wanted to combine his passion for tricking, physical therapy and for living a life of unlimited potential. 

trickstrong’s logo was born from the japanese enso of zen buddhism. The Enso is a caligraphy circle that is drawn in one stroke. It represents  a moment in time where the mind is free to let the body create. The circle can never be drawn perfectly – but through daily practice the practitioner gets closer. the practitioner becomes more aware of themselves and their surroundings. the circle is a symbol of strength, stability and community. the fire is the passion that fuels this moment.

Neil’s passion for community gave rise to trickstrong gathering  – an event where athletes from around the world come together to train, learn from each other and push past their mental and physical barriers. 

at the conclusion of the first trickstrong event, neil knew he would need a team of like-minded individuals in order to increase the reach of trickstrong’s message. 

today, team trickstrong has hosted eight international events, instructed dozens of seminars, launched an online injury prevention platform and has inspired many to live more passionate and goal-oriented lives. 

we are just getting started – join us on our journey!

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